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Do YOU want to be a part of the family and promote an extraordinary music style? You can submit your Music >HERE< ! We will get in touch with you as soon as possible. It doesn’t matter how many likes or fans you have. It’s all about the beauty of music

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THank you

Every organization, community, label, artist, event,... relies on the support of YOU. Without you, we are nothing. None of the music would be heard, no sets played, no music published and sold, no festivals danced to, no joy and freedom would be generated in our fast living society.

With our hearts we deeply thank all of you, that supported us in the past in all kinds of ways. We need you in every sector to spread the message and save the world!

Special thanks go to the local Hamburg crews and clubs

Sommer unter Freunden | Beatlogistik | Nur Mal Kurz Tanzen | Ableton User Group Hamburg | Glücklich | Stellwerk Hamburg | Freiraum | Seifenblasen Festival | Fundbureau | Purgatory 

support us

There are many ways to support a community. You can join and help us, you can spread the word, the podcasts and stickers. We are more than happy to build a set-up and pack-down crew for spontaneous and also for official events.

Best way for now to take part at the moment is to buy and wear our merchandise. This way you support us financially, so we can pay artists and venues, spend money on decoration and secure an awesome event with bouncers that know how to deal with douchebags. Plus you wear our nicely designed gymbags or canvas bags at the right places and spread the word!

If you have money left and want to spend it to a nice organization or want to support our artists with new equipment, we are more than happy to welcome your donation via paypal here: paypal.me/TechnoIsBeautiful (Please keep in mind, that paypal gets 1,5% + 0,35€ for each transaction)