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plattenbote - Electronic press kit

the perfect mix between dirty rattling bass lines and Techno beats

Playing next:

19.01.19 - Indoo Eisarena, Hamburg

22.03.19 - Neemodsch Release Party, Filmfabrik, Hamburg

01.06.19 - Toys Must Run - Open Air, Osnabrück

14.06.19 - Poolparty, HAW Hamburg

13.07.19 - Secret Open Air, Hamburg

16.07.19 - BoilerLab, Hamburg // +Livestream from 16-22:00

22.08.19 - Digital Forest Festival (CZ)

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REsident / projects

Founder of Techno Is Beautiful collective & Label

Host at Club Radio

Resident Hamburg Eisarena

Organizer of yearly Techno Is Beautiful Open Air in Hamburg

Producing TIB-Cast since 2016: Podcasts with DJs and Artists from all over the world, presenting new music and styles worth sharing

Plattenbote has gained experience in playing in front of crowds, radio stations and interviews since 2013 in Europe, Australia and New Zealand.

Releases & References

Releases on Beatport:

Festivals / Clubs:

Upcoming: LAS CAMP 2019 (PL), Digital Forest 2019 (CZ)

Past: Digital Forest 2018 (CZ), Zurück Zu Den Wurzeln Festival 2017 (DE), Natürlich Irre Festival 2017 (DE), Las Camp Festival 2017 (PL)

Hamburg Clubs (exerpt): Waagenbau, Stubnitz, Fundbureau, Pooca Bar, Purgatory

a few words

Techno Is Beautiful came into life to develop and support a community with a sense of respect and and a good mindset wich we all appreciate so much on festivals and great parties.

I am a Sound Lover and - besides producing and playing music to interact with people - I decided to study Media Technology and am working part time in Game Audio Production.