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Music production

Under my pseudo "PLATTENBOTE" I produce electronic music and play gigs about monthly.

Besides music as an art I also do Music and Sound for Advertisement, Product Video, etc.

My home studio consists of Yamaha HS80, AIAI EIE PRO Interface, various little helpers and toosl for MacBook, several acoustic and electric (bass) guitars. For voice recording I use a t-bone SC-450 condenser microphone or the studio facilities at my university at HAW Hamburg.

Field recording

Sounds from all over the world have caught my attention and I started to allow myself to go with the passion of collecting them. Over the past few years my library became bigger and more professional.

Back then using a ZOOM H2n I upgraded to a Marantz PMD661 and regularly borrow Neumann microphones from my university to walk around Hamburg and my flat in search for special sounds.

It is not easy to capture emotions with a microphone - but not impossible.

movie & game sound

I love movies and games. Not particularly from the consumers perspective but from the art, concept and making.

//Involved in Film & TV


Zimmer für Gewinner

Die Durch Den Wald Gehen

//Involved in Games


Ad Infinitum

Timely Tides


Music always enhanced my life and impacted my mood. Using music and sound for Film, TV, Cinema, Games is what I aim for.

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What is "techno is beautiful"?

In short: TIB is an small ongoing label, podcaster, event management and artist community based in Hamburg, Germany. If you are interested in more information please see here :) PHILPSOPHY